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Mood Hotels was founded in 2013 with the aim of creating a cutting-edge Hotel Group based on principles and values that would distinguish its identity and ensure sustainable development. 
The Certified Donor Program helps support donations via BringTheFood and demonstrates the long-term commitment of Mood Hotels to help build a fairer, inclusive, and sustainable future. 
After having launched the program Eco-Moodly, which collects all the initiatives that the company is carrying out to reduce the environmental impact and raises awareness among customers to save water and electricity, Mood Hotels has decided to commit to community support through food recycling activities.
Mood Hotels F&B Manager Virginia Panai, renowned for her determined commitment to safeguarding the planet by approaching Tridente Collection to the sharing economy in Hospitality in Italy, actively participated in the consolidation of the partnership with Bring Food, which is aimed to be extended to the Hotel Group across Rome and Venice. 
This page shows the results of the incredible collaboration of her F&B Team, the food regularly donated to charities by Mood Hotels via BringTheFood.
A big thank-you to all the staff committed to making high-quality food, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and cheese available to people in need.